Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

Beauty bag

Hair oil



PB & J Spreader



Benefit kit

Janie Bryant book

Lip gloss

Face cream

Camera case

MAC holiday collection





Tuesday, June 29, 2010

alice + olivia for MAC

MAC looooves their limited-edition collaborations. Next up, the brand partnered with whimsy-heavy apparel brand Alice+Olivia, and while the packaging is fun and '80s-ish and the shades are nice, I'm personally not crazy-interested in turquoise pigment powder or yellow iridescent lip gloss. It'll still do well, because people freak out over everything MAC does (myself included, usually). Available July 8. 

Cafe Bustelo Thermos

It's finally summer, which is why I've been slacking on my updates (shit gets slow this time of year anyway). A few weeks ago, I went to Miami and discovered the darling Cafe Bustelo flagship cafe. Strangely, after I got back, I got a few Bustelo goodies delivered at work. Despite the fact that I rarely (and by rarely, I mean never) tote my own coffee around, I still like this thermos. The brand clearly wants to establish itself as lifestyle-y, a la Starbucks, and I say, go forth. Not only is their iced coffee a dream, but their pre-made sandwiches are pretty damn good too. Check it. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss

I've been on a bit of a gloss hiatus these days, wearing only balm or super-bright/dark lipsticks when my mood calls for it, but I might be back and ready to rock Estee Lauder's new Pure Color Gloss line. As a sample, I received the brand's Custom Collection — six shades by Tom Pechaux, Estee's creative makeup director. The palette is simple: A nude, two pink-berry shades, two red-coral shades and a plum, which is my personal fave. The main collection offers 34 shades in three different finishes (shine, shimmer, sparkle). If you can tell a real difference, you get a prize. Not really. Available in June. 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Urban Decay 'Summer of Love' Palette

I don't really get people's obsession with eyeshadow palettes. As I mentioned in a previous post, some of Urban Decay's mega-palettes are going for obscene amounts of money on eBay. They're really nice shades and all, but methinks it's partially the packaging that's at work in those cases. Or, the fact that they tout everything as "limited-edition." This particular version isn't anyting tres special, but it's a fine collection on bronze-y shades, along with an eye pencil and the brand's beloved shadow primer. I don't wear eyeshadow much, except as liner, but I'm sure gals will hustle to own this set. Hustle here.  

Topshop Make Up

It was only a matter of time until Topshop jumped aboard the beauty train, and their new line of simply-packaged makeup hit shelves earlier this week. It's fab stuff! At first, I sort of expected the tastemaking store to hawk wilder colors, a la MAC or Makeup Forever, but their selection has just enough range that  gals of all types can rock shiz and look cooool. I didn't get the whole line, but of what I did get, my faves are the not-too-orange bronzer, a silver matallic eye crayon and a buttery yellow pastel nail polish. I heard the lip and cheek tint is right on, so I might have to scoop one up. Because I don't have enough. Check it out nowz.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gaiam Stainless Steel Water Bottle

I'm baaaaack! Chilled with the updates for a bit, because I've been literally consumed by seasons 1, 2 and 3 of "Damages," which I downloaded and have been watching non-stop, every single night. Frobisher! The "infant mortality case!" Gregory Malina! Danielle Marchetti (Shelley from "Twin Peaks!!!!"). 

Anywaaaay, scored this stainless steel water bottle recently and, in honor of Earth Day, might find a spot for it. I've always been turned off by sipping out of steel, but I know it's a hell of a lot greener than blowing through the Styrofoam cups we have at work near the water cooler or the countless plastic bottles I toss out. Hydrate responsibly here. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MAC Give Me Liberty of London Collection

When MAC collaborates with designers, the results are typically pretty good. They seem to take the general idea of the brand and translate it well into cosmetics. With Libery of London, the packaging is all floral-y and boho, which is on target, and the shades are a mix of pinks, peaches and muted earth tones. Personally, I prefer MAC in all it's bawdy, drag-y, overbearing glory, but I guess it is nearly Spring, so I get it. Liberate here

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reach by Design Toothbrush Collection

After some serious missteps in my toothbrush-buying world lately, I was pleased to receive this collection of soft, full Reach brushes. I haven't tested them out yet, but who really cares? They're floral and striped and will look so much nicer than my old boring blue one in my toothbrush holder that nobody ever sees but me! 
I'm what you call a sucker extraordinaire for packaging, people. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

La Mer The Foundation Brush

I usually use my beautyblender sponge when applying makeup, but I'm liking this swank foundation brush. Not because it's swank but because it works pretty well. I only have to use a tiny bit of foundation with it, which is always a plus. Cakey is not hot. Spend a quick $40. 

NARS Orgasm Illuminator

After a busy couple of weeks (Fashion Week, work stuff, a trip), I've wholly neglected this little endeavor, so get ready to read about more shit I got. Received this illuminator in NARS' cult-y Orgasm shade and I haven't properly tried it yet. Actually, I slathered some on in a rush over my makeup and looked like a server from Lucky Chengs so obvz I need to play around with it a tad more. I think mixing a drop with foundation might do the trick.  Check it. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Totally Toned Arms: Get Michelle Obama Arms in 21 Days

I'm not someone that actively pursues exercise, but I'd totes sweat a little for better arms. Trainer Rylan Duggan's book claims we all can rock M'Obama arms after just three weeks, with minimal equipment. I only flipped through it, but I'll test out some of his techniques. One day. Incidentally, I wonder how the first lady feels about being a marketing tool adjective for fit arms.  Tone up. 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Estée Lauder Hydrationist Maximum Moisturizer

Just got back from a trip to a climate where the sun is deceptively strong and I was in desperate need of some good, solid moisture to help wrangle the "tan" (read: burn) I somehow acquired, despite my steadfast use of SPF. And voila, this new Estée Lauder moisturizer materialized at my desk. According to the brand, using this cream will strengthen your skin's moisture barrier over time with something called Sustainable Moisture Complex. There's also a lot of other technical mumbo jumbo involved, but I won't get started. I tried it, I liked it. E.O.S. (End O' Story). Read all about it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Since I'm always on the hunt for a good potion to zap the odd zit or whitehead, I was glad to get this cult-y concoction, which came with a few other Mario Badescu skin care treats. The key ingredients are calamine and salicylic acid and although I haven't tried it yet, it appears my days of toothpaste-on-zit might be coming to a close. 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Urbanears headphones

Maybe it's a rule of thumb that Scandinavian design companies produce products that are strictly clean, simple and functional (hi, Ikea), and these new headphones from Stockholm design collective Urbanears are no exception. They come in three styles: Plattan (a classic stereo 'phone that folds down to the size of a fist), Tanto (an updated 80s walkman-style) and Medis, an earbud with a fabric cord.  
I'm now the owner of the Plattan, which comes with a cool "Zound Plug" feature, a hole on the ear cap so your mates can plug in and share your music. The coolest part? They come in 14 Pantone-esque colors. I'm rocking the black, but I'm sooo coveting a pair in white, red or chartreuse. Check out their design-y website