Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Grow Your Own Drugs

Despite its colorful cover with a smattering of trippy butterflies and flowers, I'm sorry to report that the "drugs" this book highlights are strictly of the legal variety. In fact, they're not really drugs but natural remedies and beauty fixes, so the title might a bit of an attention-grabbing ploy (kinda like those birthday cards whose cover says "BEER!" or "SEX!" and the inside says "now that I've got your attention ... happy birthday!"). Inside, there are DIY remedies for scores of common ailments (heartburn, bug bites, eczema) although some struck me as nonsensical. An example? An alleged "memory booster," which involves fresh rosemary and a bottle of wine. Now, maybe I'm being cynical, but if wine really boosted one's memory, I imagine the age-old question of "what the fuck happened last night?!?" would have been all but eradicated. In like, 4000 BC.  Cook your own stuff. 

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