Saturday, January 9, 2010

'Maggie' Bra Bag

I'll start out by saying that when this box appeared at my desk, I was deep in the throes of a conversation with a colleague about bra sizes and fittings. It was, by all accounts, one of the more bizarre coincidences I've had. Anyway, I thought it was a bra at first, but it turned out to be a bra bag.  Not to carry around to a party, but to serve as a means of keeping your bras in good shape while traveling.  I'm not certain a $50 bra bag is a necessary expense, primarily because I don't buy good lingerie (my bras usually come from here), but hey, everyone's gotta have a gimmick.  Each bag can hold anywhere from 1 to 6 bras, in sizes up to 36C/32D.  What, your boobs are bigger that that? No problem! There are also "buxom" bra bags that accomodate up to 36G/38Fs. Incidentially, attached to the bag was an invite for a fitting on the Upper East Side. I'm totes going, so I can find out I've been wearing the wrong bra size since the early '90s. Keep those bras safe! 

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  1. so glad you liked! i am the one who sent it to you! email me back with what time you want to come in for a fitting. and if any other producers, editors or bloggers want a fitting from the woman who oprah called the best cleavage cop in town feel free to email me too!