Monday, November 30, 2009

The Cocktail Primer

Happy Thanksgiving! I've been off for a couple of days, which is why postings have been non-existent. I imagine others are out as well, so I haven't received much stuff of interest. I did get this hardcover book, The Cocktail Primer. I always tend to like the idea of cocktail books better than the actual books themselves. I think it's because most folks that come over for cocktails are fine with beer or wine, so I never really feel the need to concoct snazzy drinks, though I always want to (and now that I've recently become enthralled with "Mad Men," maybe I will).  This book stood out because it's written by Eben Klemm, a pretty notable mixologist who now works exclusively for BR Guest restaurants (Dos Caminos, Blue Water Grill, 675, Primehouse, etc). There's nothing groundbreaking in the book, but it's a solid overview of the essentials of classic cocktail making. Here it is. 

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