Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Twilight Journals

Um, so kidding. I've never read a Twilight book in my life, or seen the flick for that matter, but I'm aware of the effect the franchise has on tweens and teens. I got this tin in the mail and I was sort of hoping it was filled with the actual books, so I could see what the brouhaha's all about without having to actually pick them up at the bookstore. I'm no literary elitist, but I'd rather not feed into the stereotype (young-looking caucasian gal buying Twilight at Barnes and Noble, with visions of a rumpled R-Patz swimming in her head). Anyway, these are blank journals with dreamy quotes from the books and plenty of room for lots of giddy entries about how hot vampire are. Twi-hards can get the set here.

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