Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fierce Style: How to be your Most Fabulous Self

I know I sort of dissed "how-to" style books earlier, but I like Christian Siriano so whatever, call me a hypocrite. Plus, If I were the type to buy myself a style book, I might be more inclined to take his advice than some random editor. Unlike some others, this colorful, list-heavy book doesn't read like an instruction manual, it's more about fun with fashion and developing a personal style. It's also, naturally, filled with his signature phases ("hot tranny mess," "ferosh," "tickety-tack.") Here's a plus: He mentions the wonders of shopping designer at stores like TJ Maxx or MARSHALL'S (secret Mecca). Fab gift for a stylish someone, or funny gift for some who loathes Siriano. $25. Check it.

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